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A skilled startup team of avid readers and writers, working hard to bring interactive stories to mobile devices.
Stockholm-based Accurator is a purchasing tool that aims to digitise the construction industry.
Aibidia is a data and analytics company established to digitalise and enhance the way the future transfer pricing professionals work and live.
A VR app platform for collaborative workspaces - stay creative, engaged and productive in the Alloverse.
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Cachet is a financial services marketplace for the gig workers. We aggregate and enrich cross-market data from gig platforms to enable businesses like insurance companies to sell better priced and personalised coverage based on the gig workers’ real work hours.
We have developed the Causalus software for the overall evaluation of medication, which provides medication expertise in the cloud. In addition to drug dosage and drug interactions, our software monitors response to treatment and possible adverse effects. Telemedicine services have been combined with a sensible digital evaluation of overall drug treatment. In addition, we provide training for healthcare professionals in drug treatment.
Cerenion is a medical company working on a technology that monitors the brain function of intensive care patients.
Coupleness is about connecting in your everyday life, taking a beat to reflect on how you feel and then sharing the moment with your partner. With each entry you create a digital journal for your relationship. Join the movement.
We are on a mission to accelerate serverless adoption by equipping companies with tools to monitor, debug, and optimize their serverless applications. Dashbird is a globally distributed team of software enthusiasts dedicated to making serverless applications.
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eBrands is an e commerce group company that acquires, operates and scales small and medium-sized brands with products on global marketplaces like Amazon.
Finnadvance specializes in tailored hardware solutions and bio-materials for cell culture, and microfluidic design and fabrication, and our robotics sector provides aerial imaging and analysis services for forest, agriculture and other assets and stockpile management.
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Fixably is a fast-growing SaaS provider located in Espoo, Finland. Established in 2015 with a clear purpose, we created a complete service management system specifically designed and developed for Apple Authorised Service Providers.